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Eukles Wealth Management - Cincinnati, OH


425 Walnut Street, Suite 2260 • Cincinnati, OH 45202


What We Do

Whether you are an employer looking after your company or an individual looking ahead to your future, count on us to invest the time and effort to develop a complete understanding of your particular financial planning needs. Our financial advisors use our significant industry experience and unparalleled dedication to serve your best interests. Contact us today!

    • Wealth Management and Financial Planning: We provide personalized financial guidance to individuals who are unsure how to manage their investments. Our process begins with an assessment of your current financial situation, and then collectively, we will set objectives for improving your financial health over time. The topics we will review include your retirement savings (401(k), IRA), your non-qualified investment accounts, your insurance policies, and your wealth transfer strategy. Upon agreement of said objectives, we will formalize, implement, and monitor your plan for the duration of our relationship.

    • 401(k) Consulting Services: Our team at Eukles Wealth Management has been consulting on 401(k) plans for over 30 years. We work directly with plan sponsors to help manage fiduciary liability and place equal importance on working directly with the plan participants as they pursue their retirement income goals.

  • Asset Management: Eukles Asset Management manages several different portfolio strategies designed to work towards meeting a range of objectives. Currently, our portfolio management team manages the following discretionary portfolios:
    1. All-cap core equity
    2. Mid-cap equity
    3. Core fixed income
    4. Preferred stocks
    5. Asset Allocation ETF Portfolios
    6. Small Cap Equity

For individuals, visit our Financial Planning and Asset Management pages. For businesses, visit our 401(k) consulting page.

View our Asset Management site here.

New to investing?

Visit our Eukles Education to learn more about some of the basics of investing.

How will you retire?

The variety of challenges that can arise in retirement can leave you worrying, wondering, and wishing. We have found that the best way to overcome these challenges and feelings is to have a plan. At Eukles Wealth Management, we have a plan that we would like to share with you. Visit our Retirement Income Strategies page for more information or contact us today to schedule an appointment.