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Retirement Income Planning


Eukles Wealth Management has developed a proprietary retirement income distribution strategy that will enable retirees to address the complications associated with producing lifetime income streams. The strategy addresses asset allocation, market volatility, longevity, inflation, investment selection and income distribution in a concise and effective portfolio that increases the likelihood of predictability in the outcome.

Safety, liquidity, income and growth. These variables are paramount in retirement income planning.

It is vital that portfolio volatility be mitigated during distribution. The impact of negative investment returns is exacerbated in the retirement income distribution process. Removing money from a portfolio during times of falling asset values is extremely detrimental to the long term sustainability of an income distribution stream. Eukles Wealth Management has developed a strategy designed to limit the impact of market volatility during the income distribution stage or your life.

Click here for a detailed description of our TIER Strategy

Did you know?

You can visit to calculate your estimated social security income during retirement.

Social Security

In the 2012 Annual Report to Congress, the Social Security Board of Trustees announced the projected point at which the combined Trust Funds will be exhausted comes in 2033—three years sooner than projected last year. At that time, there will be sufficient non-interest income coming in to pay 75 percent of scheduled benefits.